Is all about the gloss

So recently in my everyday look, I’ve been wearing this all glossy goddess face makeup.

First I start by really moisturizing my face (we can talk about this routine in another post) especially now that it has been really good with me lately (take that, hormones!) and then I do my usual bronze-blush-highlighter thang.

Sometimes I go really crazy with my already bushy brows and fill them in with some eyebrow powder, but other times I just leave them to be free in their natural habitat.

What’s next? Wondering if it’s worth it putting mascara (‘cause you know these flat-ass eyelashes can’t do without waterproof) and then I go directly to my lips.

I have a thing or two for peachy-nude lipsticks, so lately I’ve been pairing my Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High-Intensity Lipstick in «I lust for» and the oh-so-amazing gloss from Dose Of Colors «Over The Top» collab with Desi Perkins and LustreLux (Katy).

Paired with my highlight (whatever that is) they give me that summer glow that is perfect for this wintery days.

What’s your favorite way to wear lipgloss?





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