Why is everyone trying to be famous? A whining of Janette All’italiana

It’s been a while since I posted a blog entry. Between moving to Florence, Italy, and appreciating every moment here it’s been a lot of things to grasp in a short amount of time (yes, that’s the sound of an excuse) but now that I had a mental break from everything that was in the social media madness I’ve come to really begin to blog again without any pressure but the only desire to share my every day here.

How did I get the courage to move here? I don’t even know, to begin with, but I knew I needed to change the environment of my comfort zone, I was getting used to the same people and the same mentality and feeling like I was running in circles without any chance of growing in the work I was doing.


The second thing that got me was the feeling that I was not doing my best to help this world, I know I contributed in a small scale but it wasn’t going to change the overall picture of the world we are shaping ourselves.

I decided that I needed to see the world to start knowing myself and, as a result, start changing the city I’m living in and the people I’m knowing day by day, start planting a little seed of kindness and hope.

When I started my blog 7 years ago the pressure of being this famous blogger or person was absent but as you are growing you start feeling that you should change the way you do things because “this is a serious job” and “if you want to make money, you have to think twice about what are you going to post”. So the mainly and simply reason behind blogging for pleasure was shadowed by this “trend” of being famous.

Do you agree that everyone is just trying to be “blogger” or “public figures” for  the sake of “being famous”? Or is it just a perception of the ones that are in this circle?

I will leave this post open to changes or maybe come back this week to talk more about it, but for now my interior design homeworks are waiting.

ps. I’m trying to learn italian so you will find some italian words here and there…ciao a tutti!


Janette Nicole.

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